Santa at The Plaza Hotel

Can you believe it’s January? So crazy. I’ll be playing a bit of catch up on here for the next couple days. So bear with me as I plow through these posts for journaling purposes!

One Saturday in December, we took Eva to see Santa at the Plaza Hotel. We got there at a perfect time-4:30. Santa currently was on a break so there was nobody in line. After grabbing some fun treats in the cute shops at The Plaza (you should totally check it out next time you’re in NYC… I had no idea they had shops inside!), we got in line and were second to see Santa, who came at 5. So we barely had to wait… fabulous!

Eva was very nervous with Santa this year, but she at least would sit with him because I told her that was the only way he would know what to give her for Christmas. She walked up to him, looking down, not giving any eye contact at all and just started whispering over and over, before Santa had even asked what she wanted, “Elsa dress, Elsa dress.” It made me laugh so much. But my bashful girl gave us a cute photo, so hurray!

Afterwards, we walked down Fifth ave since TJ hadn’t done that yet this season. There was a cool light show on the side of Saks, which I hadn’t seen last time. As the night went on, we realized it was Santacon because more and more Santas (and lots of slutty Santa helpers) filled the sidewalks. Eva was so confused at why the McDonalds was completely filled with Santas. Ooh, and outside of McDonalds, two Santas were about to fight. You don’t see that everyday. (Yes, we live in NYC but still eat at McDonalds… I’m ashamed. But it’s so easy and cheap with Eva. Don’t judge me!)

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