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San Antonio

I traveled down to Texas on Friday the 12th to celebrate my uncle and aunt’s 50th anniversary. The flight was pretty bad, Eva was so tired and could not  settle down. But at least I never have to see those people on the flight again. What can you do?

My Uncle Tim picked me up and I just hung out with them and waited for all the cousins to come over. We had ribs and lots of Greek food because my aunt is from Greece. After stuffing myself full of Greek desserts, we played a couple rounds of Spoons-a card game we always play when we get together. The Swainharts are all sarcastic and have a dry sense of humor, so quite a lot of laughter was shared.

On Saturday, my parents made it into San Antonio and visited with all of us. We then headed over to the golf club where the anniversary party was held. Although it was just a couple of hours long, it was fun seeing my cousins who I hadn’t seen in several years. The night ended with Greek dancing and breaking it down to YouTube hits on the projector.

Sunday we went to the Greek Orthodox church where my Aunt and Uncle attend. I really enjoyed going to a new church and seeing how they worship. I really liked how they had a nursery with a tv broadcasting the service. My sister and I hung out in there with our kids.

Sunday afternoon, my immediate family visited the Alamo and walked on the Riverwalk. It was really beautiful but just so hot! I thought I might want to live in Texas one day but it turns out I need the cold to appreciate the heat. 90 degrees with humidity in the middle of October? No, thank you.

We all parted ways Sunday evening and I spent one more night with my aunt and uncle. It was really great to get one-on-one time with them because I don’t get to see them very often.

All in all, it was a great trip and so nice to see my family again. But after so much traveling this month, it’s nice to be back in home and back to my routine.

(Unfortunately, I took most of the photos with my iPhone. I’ll get some good photos from my dad’s camera soon.)

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