Ryan {heart} Kacy

Ryan’s (Ryan is T.J.’s best friend from high school) reception was wonderful and so was his sealing, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend. Two weeks ago, I went to Dana’s sealing and forgot to put my temple recommend back in my wallet. I literally thought to myself at that moment, “I should really put that back.” But I got carried away by being in the temple and forgot, so I just slipped in my purse. So, when it came to this past Saturday, I couldn’t find my recommend and I searched that purse from Dana’s wedding and couldn’t find it anywhere. I threw a bit of a tantrum, but I was so upset that I couldn’t go to Ryan’s sealing. It was kind of ironic though because Ryan’s recommend was expired and so he couldn’t attend our sealing.

Oh, and I found my recommend later that weekend, in that same purse I had searched. It was in a secret zipped pocket that I didn’t see before.

Here’s the wedding party. I must say that T.J. looks very handsome.

T.J. looks a little scarier in this one, but it’s the perfect Zoolander Blue Steel pose.

We decorated their car. Now, you may think that I wrote that on the back window, but you are wrong. My husband is an artist, remember? I did do the polka dots though. I heard that they washed the car right after the reception… they are crazy! We kept ours on the whole honeymoon, which was a blast because everyone would honk and wave to us!

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