I’ve thought long and hard about my resolutions this year. I’m not going to share ALL of them with you, but here are seven.

  1. Give love and be loved.
    • In my marriage, to my children, friends, and family.
  2. Live in present, stop living in the past.
    • This means to stop crying every time I see a scene of NYC.
  3. Take more video.
    • And then organize them!
  4. Don’t stress the small stuff.
    • And remind myself that most of it IS small stuff.
  5.  Go to bed before midnight.
    • Preferably at 10:30.
  6. Lose 25 pounds.
    • Tone it up!
  7. Although it sounds cheesy, let my light shine.
    • Smile, be optimistic, and share my testimony.

I’m rereading The Happiness Project again (I like to read it each January or whenever I get in a rut). If you want to get your life in order and set some good goals, I definitely recommend that book!

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