Today is last day you could order the stuff for 21 Day Fix and get it on time to start on Monday! So, if you’ve wanted to join the group, get on it! I’ve talked to a bunch of you and I know you probably have some reservations about it all, they’re probably the exact ones I had before starting it all.

I had two good friends start talking about 21 Day Fix at the end of 2015. I was so impressed with both of their before/afters and all that they had to say about the program. One of my friends was also a mom and had lost tons of baby weight so I was particularly interested in her journey as it was what I hoped I could achieve. I asked for some details and was really motivated to try it except for two things:

  1. Shakeology. It sounded like a ripoff. I wasn’t aware that it was a creditable protein powder. I was worried it was just another scheme, like a pill/wrap/diet drink which I’m totally against.  I was breastfeeding so I wasn’t sure if it was okay to use while doing that.
  2. $$$. Yeah, initially it’s kind of expensive.

So, because of those two factors, I told my friends I wasn’t interested and moved on.

Except I couldn’t. I kept seeing my mommy-friend post how she had so much energy (which I desperately needed), see how she was able to fit in a workout even with a baby crawling around her, how she looked so awesome in her bikini. I wanted those things. I tried to lose weight on my own. But at the end of the day (literally), I would cheat and give in to any and every excuse.

So, after waiting around for a couple months, I took the leap. I joined my friend’s challenge group, invested a little bit and am so glad I did. Here’s what I’ve learned, easing those initial reservations.

  1. Shakeology is legit. It’s not a scheme. It’s not a diet drink. It’s got a substantial amount of calories in it, actually. It supplements and balances your nutrition with lots of vitamins, proteins, and super foods. It’s filling and most importantly, it’s SO good. I joke with my friend who I’ve done this with asking if I could use it for all of my meals because I seriously crave it all the time. It’s made me be able to stop craving junk food, get in an extra serving of fruit and veggies, and is 100% safe when breastfeeding.
  2. The money part… It’s on sale for $140 right now, the entire challenge pack. So, that’s a month’s worth of shakeology (which if you end up not liking, they’ll refund you completely), all the dvds, the container system, and the accountability group. After that initial cost, it’s free if you choose not to continue with Shakeology. You can continue being in the accountability groups, you can continue doing the 21 day fix rounds because you already have the dvds and nutrition part! So, $140 … invest in YOURSELF! In something LONG-LASTING. Stop complaining about your weight and work towards it. Give up going out to eat or give up buying clothes for month. Put it towards something that matters and that will make you happy!

Hope that helped answer some of your questions about it all! It’s been so fun getting to share this journey with you!

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