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As many of you know, I used to always have a Diet Coke can in my hand. I don’t know when it started, probably my sophomore year of college when Dana, my roommate, introduced me to diet sodas. I was hooked. I loved the taste, the carbonation, and the little extra energy. It got out of hand several times when I actually bought 12 packs to have at my apartment for Hannah and I to share, but it made our study sessions more fun, so I wasn’t that concerned.

Then I got prego and I read it’s not good to drink much caffeine when you’re expecting. I was getting worried about how I was going to cut it out, but surprisingly, I stopped drinking it and then after a few weeks I took a sip and it tasted it horrible to me! Maybes it’s my bizarre pregnancy hormones, but I no longer want Diet Coke or any carbonation for that matter.

But on to my new obsession, crystal light lemonade! Only five calories per serving and it’s super refreshing on hot days. I paired it with some blueberries today for a nice snack at work (be proud, mom) and the combination was delightful.

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