Red Eyes and Droopy Eyelids

Guys, I am going to vent for a second.

This is the worst teething round we’ve ever been in. Evabug woke up last night at 1 and didn’t fall back to sleep until 5:30. We gave her Motrin before bed but I guess it wore off and the pain really set in. T.J. and I realized it’s the longest she’s ever been awake in the night, even when she was a newborn. So, I guess that’s good that we’ve only had to have a night like last-one time.

We tried so many things to help her calm down and to fall back to sleep. We of course gave her more medicine, had her chew on a cold and wet wash cloth, drink some water out of a straw (just because she thinks that’s fun), watched Blues Clues, rocked her, gave her baby orajel, bounced her, gave her a teething cookie (which actually did help calm her down), and cry in her crib at one point- hoping she’d fall back to sleep. But she didn’t and I couldn’t bear her being in pain and crying there by herself. So, T.J. and I just switched back and forth a couple times and by 5:30 she finally fell back to sleep. It was a loooong night and now we are having a crazy, off-day.

Eva is napping now though, and I’m praying it’s a VERY long nap to make up for last night.

Perhaps I will now take a nap…



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