What I’m about to say might seem awful. But it’s supposed to be funny. So, all you judgy judgers out there, stop your judging! I was looking through Pinterest the other afternoon and someone pinned this troll. It caught my attention and my endless scrolling came to a halt.

The troll reminded me of someone.

It took me a minute and then it hit me.

And that someone was my daughter, Eva.

I think it’s her big eyes, round head on a little body, and the lines under her eyes.

Anyway, now that I write it out, it really does seem awful. But I promise I think my baby is darling and that I love her dearly.


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  1. Erin
    Erin says:

    Ha! I saw that you said that on Pinterest, and I thought, “Oh, Katie. Eva is a billion times cuter than a troll.” But still funny.


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