Pumpkin Walk

A couple weeks ago, T.J. and I saw a sign on the side of the road at a garden center advertising a pumpkin carving contest. We jokingly said that he should enter the contest, but then just kept talking about it because the first place winner won $250, 2nd place $175 and 3rd place $100. After carving several pumpkins through October, T.J. decided to go for it and enter one of his 3D creations. It looked awesome!

I turned it on Friday and on Saturday morning we got a call saying he had been awarded 3rd place. I thought that was awesome! I mean, $100 for just a couple hours of (fun) work! T.J. was disappointed at getting third place but was happy he got something and was thinking that the first place and runnerups must have been something amazing… so we headed to the pumpkin walk to see the competition!

First off, wow… if you haven’t been to a pumpkin walk, do it next year! It was so fun to see hundreds of pumpkins all lined up. There were so many creative ones. Owls, BYU logos, carousels, witches, horses, Winnie the Pooh–really incredible stuff!

Here’s T.J.’s pirate carving:

We were getting anxious to see what the 2nd and 1st places looked like. Then we saw this one… 2nd place. 2nd place? Really?

And to make things worse… this pumpkin won 1st place. Yes, I admit that it is creative. But as Job Bluth says, “COME ON!” Is it really worth $250? I don’t think so.

Anyway, we were kind of frustrated, but it was still a lot of fun and we’re glad T.J. at least entered and won!

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