Prospect Park Zoo

On August 24, T.J. and I took Eva to the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn. I was expecting it to be just as busy and crowded as the Central Park Zoo (that place was packed) so when we strolled in around noon without even waiting in a line to get a ticket, we were delightfully surprised. The weather was absolutely perfect that day, as well, so our trip was fantastic and worth the hour ride on the subway.

If you are in NYC with kids, you should definitely check this zoo out. The subway stop with an elevator is right next to Prospect Park (which is beautiful to walk through too)-I’d feel comfortable taking Eva there by myself. It’s just $8 a person and Eva was free (which is much cheaper than Central Park’s). But if you’re expecting to see big animals, you will be disappointed. This zoo is small, yet quaint. A lot of little animals to see, including a petting zoo (which we do more of looking instead of petting) and if you’re lucky like us, everything will be out for you to look out. The sea lions even do a show every day which was the highlight of our visit.

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