Homemaker Projects

What do you get when you cross (a wanna-be) Martha Stewart, with a Betty Crocker cookbook, and a homemaking LDS woman?  ME!

Yes, I know that is the lamest introduction ever.  But I really have felt like a “housewife” lately.  Here are some of the projects I’ve worked on lately (with lots of help of T of course).

1. We redid our bathroom.  We got a lot of gift cards for our wedding, so we finally put them to use by buying paint, a cute shower curtain, towels and mats to match.  The green turned out to be a lot greener than planned but it is growing on us.  (The photos make it look even brighter, I swear it’s not a bright lime green!)

2. We also redid our bedroom.  We were unsure of what color to pick, but go [bold] or go home right?  So we did one wall a redish orange and the other walls a grayish brown.  We also bought a duvet and pillows to draw it all together. It’s been great because we got all of our stuff on sale, so we’ve been very thrifty.

Oh, you’ll notice that we haven’t put up any art or photos on the walls yet, but we’re planning on having T.J. do a few modern paintings for both the bedroom and the bathroom.

3. Another dinner party is in the making for tonight.  I invited the girl I sat next to in Relief Society.  She probably thought I was nuts for inviting a stranger over for dinner. But I’m determined to know the ward, so this is how I’m going to do it!  I asked her to bring another couple, so hopefully it will be great.  I’ve never made (or tried) stuffed green peppers, but it sounded delicious, so that’s what we’ll have tonight, along with homemade rolls (you’d be proud of me mom, they’re not like Penny’s “homemade” rolls where she would just thaw them), and a fruit salad.

Anyway, that’s what I have been up to.  Enjoy the pictures.  Next project: find new curtains for the living room!


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  1. Pam Lee
    Pam Lee says:

    you are doing great Katie…this is where all the creative powers begin and then it just grows from there… are you renting or buying?

  2. Casandra
    Casandra says:

    I have some great food ideas I can pass along to you. I am always baking, or cooking something for my team at work.

    • kderrick
      kderrick says:

      Thanks! We got them at Bed, Bath and Beyond. The bedspread in the back bedroom has birds on it too, so I hope people don’t think I’m some sort of crazy bird lady!


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