Pro/Con list (minus the cons)


I’ve been making a mental pro/con list for our family moving to New York. There are a lot of obvious points for each side. But here are the top three things for the pro side that you might not have thought of…

  1. Carlo’s Bakery from the Cake Boss nearby
  2. The actor Matthew from Downton Abbey is in a broadway show-so there’s the chance of meeting him
  3. The one and only Essie nail salon is in NYC

Those are all very important things. How could we not move there when all those opportunities in NYC exist?


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  1. Carlee Hemming
    Carlee Hemming says:

    That is hilarious. With all those pros, who cares about the crazies who follow you three blocks muttering really scary things..yes, that happened to us last time we were there. Luckily, we ducked into a really nice pizzaria before anything came of it. New York does have amazing pizza.


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