Pregnancy Dreams

Disclaimer: This blog may or may not turn into a maternity/pregnancy/baby blog for a while. What can I say, it’s all I think about!

Last night, I had my first pregnant dream. I wish I could give you the details. I’m trying SO hard to remember them. But, I am just excited to finally have one. One of my many pregnant friends, Heidi, mentioned how she had been dreaming about her little baby which is why she actually thought she was having a girl (which, she is).

I’d been jealous ever since.

Now, if the dreams could be a little more specific (and real) about the gender, that would be fabulous! Which reminds me, I am fifteen weeks and, for a small fee, we can find out at my next appointment what the gender is. T.J. doesn’t think it’s worth it, but if we don’t find out in two weeks, we have to wait one more month after that.

2 weeks or 7 weeks….?!?

I’m pretty sure the answer is obvious.

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