Power Walking

I’ve been going on walks a lot lately, but I took one last Wednesday that was incredible. I walked from our house, past the temple, then up and up the hill. I’ve always wanted to know what was at the end of the road, and so I went exploring, not to mention I got a great workout (for a pregnant lady).

Anyway, at the top of the road behind the temple, there’s a park and the start of a lot of great trails. So, that’s where I’ll be walking this week. Who wants to be my walking buddy?

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  1. Dana
    Dana says:

    I will I will! You’re walking right by my house (ish) anyway. Plus I think we’re getting a dog that will need walks. Oh and I miss you and I’m not on the pills anymore.

  2. Kate C
    Kate C says:

    I do!! I actually rode my bike (and bike trailer with baby in it) down past your house (went to my optometrist’s)the other day, so I know it’s doable. I need to get this darn baby weight off! You’ll understand someday….


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