Pond Day

When I think of a pond, I think of the swampy puddle of water at the start of the street I grew up as a kid. We always went on walks to the pond to throw in rocks or check out the ducks. So, it’s hard for me to call the pond at Glen Park a pond because it’s much nicer, cleaner, and bigger. So, I’m just gonna call this a reservoir. We love Glen Park and go here often but this week was the first time we brought swimsuits and waded a bit. I forgot to bring Eva’s puddle jumper so I was little more on the edge of my seat, worrying Eva would go under, but she did great without it and when she went under once, remembered to hold her breath and pull herself right back up!

DSC03157DSC03131 DSC03128 DSC03136 DSC03133 DSC03147DSC03139

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