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I wanted to report on some Pinterest finds I’ve tried out recently. I’ve learned that you can’t trust every blogosphere out there… ha!

So, first things first. I just made these tonight because I want to make a funfetti cake for Eva’s birthday and thought funfetti cookies would also be awesome. Here’s the link. If you have a severe sweet tooth, maybe you’ll them but they were just too intense for me. Maybe it was the type of sprinkles I used? Who knows. But one thing I do know… I feel sick after one cookie!

Last week I tried to make this peanut butter fudge link. I made the terrible mistake of DOUBLING the recipe because it was for a church activity. It turned out horribly. I don’t know what happened. But I had to throw away two 13×9 pans of awful fudge. I do still suggest making another recipe for fudge and wrapping them like reindeer because it’s adorable!

I crafted my own glitter reindeer like the one below. I found the idea on Pinterest-linking to this blog. I immediately fell in love with the idea and we had all the stuff on hand, so I went for it. I first used modge podge and it failed miserably. But, after reading the directions over again, she said to use elmers glue. Worked like a charm except that the glue spread out a lot so I had to go and fix the outlines several times while it was drying. I’d recommend the project only if you have all of the stuff on hand. If not, it’s not worth your time.

Here’s another Pinterest bomb. I can’t find the direct link, but the photo is below. I dried to do that candy cane twist when making sugar cookies one night and it did not look like that. Who do they think I am? Martha Stewart? In my dreams.

After posting so many dessert recipes, I’m ashamed that I’ve tried another recently. (Don’t worry Mom, I’m still down the 20 pounds. It’s a Christmas miracle.) This recipe I found on Pinterest actually worked really well. We all have seen the cake in a mug cakes, but most of the time they require cocoa and I never have that on hand. So, this one is a vanilla sponge cake recipe. I topped it with a couple chocolate chips and it was absolutely wonderful. If I didn’t already feel sick from that cookie I ate earlier, I would go make it right now. It was so warm and gooey!

Lastly, this one I’m trying tonight. I wish upon a star that I could get gel nails at the salon for Christmas, but no mon, no fun. I’m going to do my own nails and try this. I’ll let you know if it works out!

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