Eclipse. Was. EPIC.

I hear the second time you see it, at a normal hour and when you aren’t loaded up on sugar and caffeine to stay awake, it just doesn’t have as much power, but I refuse to believe it.

The EPIC night started off by eating at El Gillo Giro, my new favorite mexican restaurant (a post about that is soon to follow), filling our stomachs with delicious burritos, enchiladas and free chips and salsa.

When we arrived at the movie theater, it was 8:00 pm.  We thought we probably had some time to walk around the mall for a while after we picked up our tickets, but turns out the Provo Towne Center was the place to be to watch the movie.  People already were camped out with their blankets, laptops, cutouts, t-shirts, memorabilia, pizzas, ice cream, dinners, and my favorite, lawn chairs (brought by two women over sixty years old).

So we found our place in line, set up camp, and waited around.  For 4 hours.  We watched a lot of YouTube videos, ate a lot of candy, took a bunch of videos and pictures, and watched the second Twilight movie.

Finally midnight rolled around and we were let into our theater, and the movie was starting in 20 minutes.  We rannnnnnnnn to the theater, knocked down children, fought for seats, stole some popcorn (more or less of all that is true), and got perfect seats for the film.

Needless to say, I cried several times in the movie, including the proposal scene.  I loved the part when they were in the tent, for several reasons 🙂 anddddd I loved that Edward actually acted in the movie, instead of staring at the camera, all white and gangly.

Anyway, the event was a success.  Here are a few pictures from the evening.

Upcoming Road Trip

Can’t wait for the road trip with T.J., Josh, and Lacey to Albuquerque this weekend for Dustin’s wedding!  T.J. keeps calling it “The Armpit of America.”  All I know is that it’s far away from Provo, so it’s gonna be awesome.

Big Girls [do] Cry

I am very particular about the way I wash, dry, fold, and hang my clothes.

I am a loyalist to Tide-original scent.  It costs an arm and a leg, but it’s worth every scent because your clothes always smell like fresh cotton laundry and are as clean as the day you bought them.

I obsessed with dryer sheets, I throw in at least two per cycle.  I like my clothes soft, and a few extras never hurt.

I am careful about what I hang and what I dry.  (This is where the real story begins.) I always put my jeans in the dryer because they generally loosen up after I wear them, plus I like how soft they are after a nice ride in the dryer.  But lately, they’ve been fitting a little snug.  So, to combat that revolting process, I decided to hang them up.

Bad news bears.  Stiff jeans not only feel incredibly awful, but they also are a recipe for disaster.

So, I have this old pair of jeans.  Dark wash, perfect fit with a little stretch.  I always take care of them with my Tide detergent and dryer sheets.  I loved them so much I even bought a second pair back a few months ago, but the second pair just wasn’t the same.

Well this great pair of jeans was one of the unlucky ones that were hung up in agony. And unfortunately, that act led to its death this morning.

The crispy denim scratched my dry Utah skin as I put one leg inside.  I continued putting my other leg into the pants and, for some reason, some awful reason, my pants ripped. Oh, it wasn’t just a little hole down where no one see and where I could pretend the rip didn’t exist.  Nope. It just had to be a rip that started at the crotch and went half way down to the knee.

Needless to say, I got very emotional and threw a little tantrum (good thing TJ wasn’t there to see it). And although acting out like a child did ease the pain, I’m still quite bitter about the entire situation.

Why didn’t I just dry the pants and stick to my normal routine?

A String Quartet Playing Classy-cal Music

If you are at work today and need a pick-me-up, this might do the trick.

Quotes from The Office- “New Boss”

Dwight Schrute: Oh here’s one, a string quartet playing classical music.
Michael Scott: You know that’s good, but that’s not classy. I need something classy, like the opening of a car dealership.
Jim Halpert: That’s it. Or Mr. Peanut.
Michael Scott: Yes!
Dwight Schrute: Mr. Peanut is not classy.
Michael Scott: He is.
Dwight Schrute: He is a regular peanut. He just happens to have a cane, a monocle and a top hat.
Michael Scott: That’s what makes him classy.

Pam Beesly: I can tell Michael’s mood by which comedy routine he chooses to do. The more infantile the more upset he is. And he just skipped the Ace Ventura talking butt thing. He never skips it. This is bad.

Michael Scott: [on phone] Michael Scott calling for David… well just tell him to call me ASAP as possible.

Charles MinerWho is this?
Michael Scott:
I was never given a name.

New Job: Typer? Typist? Typing Woman?


I was just asked if I would be interested in listening to a WW2 Veteran tell stories about his life and the war, then typing everything up for him and his wife.  He is 98 years old and my first assignment is to have him fill in the gaps of a WW2 Headquarters video.

How amazing is this going to be?  I immediately jumped at the opportunity and said yes. It’ll just be a few hours a week, with a pretty reasonable pay.

I am so excited to hear his stories and to be able to interview him!  More about this later.

Crunchy, Salty, Sweet

You know Brian Regan’s stand up routine when he yells:

How do I get this goodness in me?!

That is how I currently am feeling about the New! Pretzel M&M’s {Crunchy, Salty, Sweet Chocolate Candies}.

If you haven’t tried them, go buy them immediately, or at least grab a bag the next time you run to the grocery store.

Let me paint a picture for you to imagine what this delectable treat tastes like:

Covering the whole M&M is the classic, colorful candy coating.

Inside the colorful candy coating is a layer of heavenly milk chocolate.

Inside this heavenly milk chocolate blanket, is the brilliant, salty pretzel indulgence.

Brilliant, Salty Pretzel Indulgence.

Just imagine the combination of chocolate, pretzel, and candy coating. Not only is it delish (which by the way is a real synonym for delicious, I didn’t just abbreviate it), but also it only has 5 grams of fat for the whole bag of candy. And 150 Calories!

This candy is practically nutritional.

Give it a try today!

P.S. Thank you Eliesa for giving me a bag at work.

Cheeseburger Pie

My mom gave me this talk about how I need to cut fats out of my diet so I stay trim and am not at risk for certain diseases and health problems.  So, I have been trying my hardest to do so, although this weekend probably put me closer to a heart attack considering it was the 4th of July and all I did was eat.

As I have been considering recipes to cook, it’s been harder and harder to find recipes that are easy and healthy.  I’m finding out that those two adjectives rarely exist together in a meal.

Well last night I made Impossibly Easy Cheeseburger Pie.  If you check out the nutritional info, it’s definitely not the healthiest recipe in my Betty Crocker cookbook. But it certainly was delicious.

To satisfy my mother’s desires, I did modify the recipe a little bit, which hopefully cut down some of the fat.  I cut the amount of shredded cheese in half, exchanged ground turkey for the ground beef (which tastes exactly the same), used skim milk, and put a little less bisquick in the mixture.

Anyway, it was a great recipe.  T.J. loved it, which makes me feel like a good wife, which then makes me happy.

So, if you’re looking for something that’s easy, takes just a few ingredients, and will make your husband happy, give this a try.  Don’t forget to modify the recipe a bit to ease your mother’s worries.

“Lines may divide us, but hope will unite us”

A couple of years ago, I spent the 4th of July in Washington D.C.  As I walked through the different memorials, specifically the Korean War Memorial, I finally realized what 4th of July was really about.

We live in an incredible country.  I know it has its problems, but we are so blessed to live with freedoms and democracy.  We are given equality along with opportunities.  And yet, none of this would exist without the great sacrifice of soldiers who gave their lives to serve our country.

Today I am really pondering on these thoughts and am truly grateful of where and when I live. It is particularly on my mind today because I watched a movie, called The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, last night.

In brief, the story is about a young German boy who befriends a Jewish boy in a concentration camp.  It is a little different from other Holocaust stories I’ve read or watched because the main character is a German.

The film made me realize how the war affected so many people, whether they wanted to be a part of it or not.  For example, in this German family, the mother does not understand what the prison camp really is at first.  But once she realizes what is going on, she can’t do anything about it or else she would be betraying her country and her husband, a soldier.  She slowly falls apart, along with her marriage, because she has no control of the situation and is helpless.

The 12 year-old daughter in this story also is affected.  Because of what she learns from her teacher and the soldiers that stayed at their house, she is brainwashed to think the Jews are a terrible influence on the country, and that it is their fault the country is suffering.  She does not know any better, she just believes what she is told and follows the example of others.

And then the young boy, the main character, is so innocent.  His mind cannot comprehend what is going on at the camp or why his new friend can’t just come over and play. Although he learns that he is supposed to be enemies with the Jews, he does not understand why; but because of his love and humility, he is able to unite with his new Jewish friend and tear down those barriers.

Although the movie was enlightening, it just keeps haunting me because you get a glimpse of the camp and what all the different people went through.  It makes you feel so much sadness for the particular Germans who were in a war they didn’t want to be in, just like the wife in this story.  And obviously it makes you feel such sorrow and remorse for the Jews who were imprisoned, separated from their families, and killed.  Then as I was watching it, it hit me that 6 million Jewish people died in the Holocaust in camps just like the one you see in the movie.  They did not live in a country with freedom, equality, democracy, or opportunities.  They were oppressed and never got to experience all the joys we have in life.

It made me think about how selfish we are when we feel sorry for ourselves because of a hardship or trial.  How ignorant are we when we think we are better than others or deserve special privilege simply because of who we are?  How many times do we catch ourselves treating others without respect, patience, or love?  Although these things are not as terrible as what happened to the Jews in the Holocaust, the principles are the same.  We need to learn from the actions of those throughout history and promote equality and, most of all, love.

This weekend, as you celebrate the 4th of July, remember how blessed we are to live in this powerful country.  Remember the freedoms and opportunities you have here and all the blessings you have because of those who fought for you.  Remember that with great power, comes great responsibility–the responsibility to fight for freedom and equality, the responsibility to stand up for what we believe in, and the responsibility to treat others with respect and love.

The Phoenix

My parents held a reception for T.J. and I in Cincinnati.  It was at The Phoenix, downtown, on June 4th.  The reception was absolutely beautiful, yet simple.  It was a great way to share the excitement and celebrate with my close friends and family.

Leila James Photography

If you would like to see more photos of the reception, click on the image or visit my Flickr gallery.

The Great Wave

I want to start off this post by saying that I love art.  But I know next to nothing about it.  So, other than the facts I have gathered from Wikipedia, my critiques and evaluations of this piece have no validity.  They simply are my thoughts.

The Great Wave off Kanagawa, by Katsushika Hokusai, is my new favorite painting.  I don’t know what it is about it that makes me love it so much.  Maybe it’s the mood?  The colors?  Or maybe it’s because of the unique style?

Or maybe I’m just a follower and love it because it is one of the most reproduced artworks in the world…

So I have to admit, I did a little Wikipedia-ing and found out it was was made in 1832 and was the first in a series of 36 depicting Mount Fuji throughout different times and seasons.  The other 36 aren’t my favs, but this work is incredible and, to me, looks way ahead of its time.  Can’t you just see this being on the front of a threadless t-shirt or something?

Maybe one day it could be a mural on my wall?  That would be awesome.

P.S. I really want to encourage comments on my blog.  It’s getting a lot of hits, but not as commentary.

So, please share with me your favorite piece of art.