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Photo Jun 11, 1 01 59 PM

This week went so quickly. And considering it rained for the majority of the time, Eva and I still got out and had a lot of fun. On Tuesday, we had a couple of hours without rain, so Eva and I went on a little walk/jog on the river path to Hoboken. We then made our way up to Washington Street which is where all the cute restaurants and shops are in Hoboken, including Carlo’s Bake Shop from The Cake Boss.

Photo Jun 11, 2 31 07 PM

My heart was literally pounding out of excitement as we walked into the bakery. I even started laughing because it was so funny to me how excited I was. It’s not that I really even care about the show too much, I watch it on occasion. But it was still really neat to be in there and try it out in real life. Buddy’s sister was in there running the place and I tried to take a picture of her like a stalker, but they all came out too blurry since I was trying to be nonchalant about it. We took home a nutella butter cookie and a cannoli. Oh, they were so good.

Photo Jun 11, 2 25 13 PM

On Wednesday, we had a picnic at the beach (there’s a park near us with sand and beach chairs right on the Hudson). Eva loved the sand… a little too much. She started throwing it EVERYWHERE, so we went over the splash pad and park where Eva had a blast. She was laughing and screaming out of excitement. It was awesome. Almost as awesome as the ridiculously long nap she took when we got home. I can’t wait for more warm, sunny days!

Photo Jun 12, 1 51 58 PM

Photo Jun 11, 12 48 44 PM

Other than that, we’ve just filled our week by coloring, walking around the mall, going to a Relief Society activity, and reading lots of books. “Buh buh buh buh!” Eva says.

Photo Jun 13, 1 23 45 PM

And just for kicks, I threw in a picture of my shopping cart that I take with me to get groceries. When Eva goes with me, I push her stroller with one hand, and pull this thing behind me with my other hand. There are times where I definitely miss our car, but I’m sure I’ll look back on these days and laugh about it. It’s a pretty good workout too…

Photo Jun 08, 11 10 26 PM

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  1. mom
    mom says:

    So fun to read about your week. When your heart is full of gratitude and your hand is holding this little Eva, your life will continue to be full of joy and wonder. love you.


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