Our Little Pumpkin is One!

Finn turned one on September 18th! I’m still a little behind on his monthly posts, so that will come another day. We had a little pumpkin theme and celebrated with cake with family and some close friends. Finn got some cute clothes, trucks, a spin and sit toy, and a bunch of new books! It’s been so nice to have some new boy toys around here! It’s been adorable to see him figure out the new toys and even make sounds for his trucks and airplane.

Well, I couldn’t chose just one picture of Finn eating birthday cake because they were all so cute, so here are like a dozen photos of Finn doing the same thing from different angles. Haha!

img_0037-2 img_0031 img_0023-2 img_0019-4 img_0018-5 img_0016-7 img_0013-7 img_0011-8 img_0008-8 img_0006-7 img_0003-7 img_0001-8

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