One of THOSE Mornings

There’s a Modern Family episode where everything is going so good in everyone’s home, they realize that something bad is bound to happen soon.

That’s what my morning was like yesterday.

We have church at 9 am and Eva woke up around 6:30 am. Around 7:30, after feeding her and playing a bit, she was getting sleepy, so I put her back to sleep. She went to sleep wonderfully. It was about 7:45, too late to go back to bed, but early enough for me to eat some breakfast, listen to some MoTab, and read a little from the scriptures. I showered and was ready to go by 8:30, so I thought I’d iron T.J.’s church clothes. Great morning, right?

All of a sudden, mid-ironing, the iron fell to the ground for just a moment. I didn’t think twice before I went back to ironing, but I soon realized the iron must of melted a bit of carpet, left residue on the plate, then transferred it to the pants.

It was awful. The pants are BRAND new. Like, worn-them-once new. They’re for his interviews in New York this week. I immediately rubbed them with a really good stain remover, but I knew deep down it wasn’t going to do a thing because it looked like the residue had been burned on.

Well, needless to say, T.J. wasn’t thrilled, plus he had nothing to wear to church since his suit is at the cleaners for his trip. He had to wear old slacks that are now floods. There might have even been tears on my account, perhaps even some irrational yelling, that I blame on getting up so early. The tears then led to Eva waking up, screaming, since she hadn’t been asleep for very long. It turned into madness.

Fortunately, we got over it, but were ten minutes late to church, just in time for the Sacrament. In the middle of the meeting, I told T.J. that one day we’d look back and laugh at the whole morning. Then we started to chuckle right then because it was already pretty comical.

Oh, and to wrap it all up… thanks to my wonderful parents, I drove back up to H&M and bought the pants again. Hopefully this time he will be able to wear them more than once.



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  1. Erin
    Erin says:

    I didn’t know that’s why you had to get new pants! You poor thing, I hate stressful mornings. Relief Society healed you though. I know it.


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