One of those days…

Usually, T.J. is the one in the relationship who forgets or misplaces things. He actually is much better about it now, but it’s kind of a joke in our family. Well, today the rolls have been reversed-with a little help of Eva.

Here’s the deal. T.J. left his debit card for me on the night stand this morning so I could go get some cash to do laundry today. (It costs $3.25 for each load… ugh!) We’ve got a lot of dirty clothes and my dad is coming into town tomorrow, so I really wanted to get it done this afternoon. I remember this morning, Eva picked it up and I took it away… but then I can’t remember what happened after that! Now I cannot find it! I have come up with two situations that could have happened: If I put it back on the night stand, Eva probably picked it back up and moved it somewhere. I kept asking her where the CARD was (really emphasizing the word and the shape-even showing her another one) and she just kept saying BEEP BEEP since CARD sounds like CAR. Eva is of no help, it seems. The second situation: If I moved it, I cannot remember where I placed it! I know it’s in the apartment, and it’s not a huge place so I’m bound to find it. But I have looked HIGH AND LOW. I’m so frustrated. SO FRUSTRATED.

Then I thought well, I’ll use my debit card even though there’s not much money in that account (we REALLY need to consolidate our accounts so we don’t have this problem in the future). So, I tried my card in the ATM and realized it’s been so long since I’ve used that card I have forgotten the pin. I couldn’t believe it… I walked all that way for nothing. And it is REALLY humid today. I called my bank for help and the only way for me to change it is to go into a bank office and ain’t-nobody-got-time-for-that when you’ve got a toddler and no car.

So, here I am. Piles of dirty laundry on the floor and my house is a mess from the debit card search. I feel completely crazy not knowing where I put the card and not remembering the pin. Hopefully everything will be resolved by the end of the night… most of all, my laundry!


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  1. Laura Bean
    Laura Bean says:

    so sorry! I did that in Thailand with my debit card. We found it at the back of the closet eventually…Good luck!


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