Old Family Sayings

Here are some sayings that were common around our house growing up. They used to drive me absolutely nuts, but now I find them quite funny, and the memories priceless. But worst of all, I catch myself saying them quite often.

  • “No Mon, No Fun!”
    • Mon=Money. My mom would say this to me all the time, which as a teenager, I hated. Now I think it is a really funny saying, and I say it to T.J. all the time (I told you I’m turning into my mom.)
  • “If Katie’s not happy, nobody’s happy.”
    • Still true.
  • “I’m up, everybody’s up.”
    • Boy, would that make me so mad when my mom would wake me up and say that phrase.
  • “Eat a banana,” or, “Sweep the floor.”
    • If I ever complained about being hungry or bored these were the responses I would get.
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  1. Uncle Jeff
    Uncle Jeff says:

    Here’s a few more from your not so distant past.

    Your grandpa used to switch on my overhead light in the morning and announce: “Another day another dollar, time to wake my shining scholar.”
    Another good one of his: “You are today where your mind has brought you, you’ll be tomorrow where you mind takes you.”

    Great grandpa’s, “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and tell no lies.”

    Aunt Alice, “Hitch your wagon to a star”
    Also carved in her mantle, “Obedience to Law is Liberty”


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