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About three years ago, I saw Rihanna (and Kanye) in concert. First row baby. But it was much more than a concert. It was a life-changing experience. (My mom is rolling her eyes and is thinking, “Stop exaggerating for once!”) Many of you probably know how obsessed I became with Rihanna after that. It was a little crazy, I’ll admit. But can you blame me? After seeing her from the FIRST row, who couldn’t be in love with the beautiful and talented Rihanna? I collected magazines, cut out photos, and even was given a Rihanna calendar for my birthday.

Well, slowly I’ve come to my senses and after her album Rated R that bombed, she diminished in my mind. But I’m always up for some old school Rihanna on my iPod and wish I could meet this girl in person!

Then it finally happened. The other day I had a dream about


We were hanging out, she gave me tickets to all of her shows, everyone was jealous of me because I was best friends with her. I think I even shared the gospel with her (or maybe that’s a dream I’m still dreaming to have.) The point is… my obsession is rekindling. I’ve been listening to her a lot more and am in love with her song “What’s My Name.” I’m sure (at least, I hope) this love won’t make it to the level it once was, but it’s nice to have her back in my life.

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