"Nothing comes between me and my makeup, I can't live without it."

Bored of your normal TV shows? Try watching these surprisingly intriguing shows.

  1. Police Women of Cincinnati. Sit back and watch these women fight crime back in my ol’ home of Cinci.
  2. My Strange Addiction. At times, you will have to turn away but you won’t be able to turn it off. Eating glass? Bleaching skin? Eating toilet paper? Horrible, yet makes for an captivating show.
  3. I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant. Yes, TLC sure knows how to make a thrilling/terrifying show. This one makes me want to keep a stash of pregnancy tests on hand to make sure none of these situations happen to me.
  4. Any documentary about Prison. Saturday nights on MSNBC, you can experience a night in prison by watching back-to-back episodes of my favorite prison documentary, Lockup.
  5. Any show about hoarding, such as Buried Alive or Animal Hoarding. I usually can’t watch a whole episode of Buried Alive, but it is good motivation to clean my house.
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