Not-So-Divine Divinity

About a month ago, I was craving homemade caramels. (I believe I told part of this story, but not all of it, so continue to read.) It was a Sunday, I looked up a recipe and realized I didn’t have any of the ingredients. That was quite possibly the saddest moment for my strange pregnant body, and so I went to option B. Make any homemade candy to satisfy my craving. Divinity was the only recipe I had the ingredients for.

Divinity isn’t something people eat on a regular basis, or ever. I’ve tried it a few times, and I like it enough to eat one or two and considering the recipe made about 5 dozen, I thought that’d cover it.

So I melted my sugar in the corn syrup, let it simmer on the stove for a while, whipped my egg whites into high peaks, mixed the two mixtures and then dropped/poured the final product onto wax paper. I kept pouring and pouring because there was so much.

But it wasn’t looking like the normal divinity candy I had had in the past. It was completely flat. It tasted good, I mean it tasted like sugar, so I wasn’t sure what I had done wrong. I figured I didn’t get the sugar mixture hot enough or something, so I just decided I would have flat divinity and that it wouldn’t affect the texture after it hardened over night.

After pouring out each little candy, I read in the very bottom of the recipe in small text that said something like, “If mixture is flat, mix for another 30 seconds.”

Fantastic. Oh, and by the way, the texture never hardened up. It was like goo even 12 hours later. We tried a little bit and then tossed the rest in the trash.


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