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Not really in the mood to blog, but here I am anyway.

  • My belly button is starting to pop out. Starting to. It’s not an outie yet (thank goodness), but I’m sure one of these days it will be. It’s really bizarre. Pregnancy is really bizarre. Seriously, lately I have felt like I’m living an episode of the X-Files with something inside of me and growing every single day. Very weird, guys. And sometimes kind of gross. Just laying it out flat for you all.
    • (Disclaimer: Pregnancy is also wonderful, so don’t think it’s all disgusting and decide you don’t ever want kids because of the things I say.)
  • I am constantly hungry, although I’m not ever really sure what I want. I’m sure it’s driving T.J. crazy.
  • I finally joined Pinterest. Find me on there, please, so we can follow each other.
  • All I want to do is “nest”, but I don’t have the tools or money to do so. Does anyone have any cute, cheap ideas for me to make in preparation of the baby?
  • We haven’t been to 7 Peaks since the 4th of July Weekend! The weather better start cooperating with our schedules!
  • The new X-Men movie is at the dollar theater… I am so excited to see it!
  • My mom left me a voicemail yesterday. The good kind. About how she was proud of me, not to tell me to take something off of my blog. Made me cry and I made T.J. listen to it. Loved it.
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  1. Kate C
    Kate C says:

    I’m all over the cheap/buget nursery stuff! We made our crib bumper by buying some secondhand from DI (for $3), and recovering them with our own fabric (I used muslin, so cheap, then painted on them). I also noticed that we’re following each other on Pinterest, so I’m sure tons of inspiration will start flowing from there. It’s so addicting and now I wish I had all the time in the world to make everything!


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