Not in Jersey Anymore: Home Edition

We are renting a town home in Utah and we really love it. The area is nice, there are some neighborhood amenities, and it’s so spacious. But what I’ve realized is that, after living in a one bedroom apartment for a couple years, it almost feels tooooo spacious at times. We don’t have nearly enough furniture or decor for the place, so it’s a huge work in progress getting the rooms to look like we didn’t just move in yesterday. Also, the stairs are going to kill me in this last leg of my pregnancy (actually it’s probably a blessing in disguise to give me a little exercise haha).

Eva’s room is about presentable now. I’d like to get a rug in there eventually and a little more art on the walls, but for now… she’s comfortable and really likes it!


And then there’s our room which still needs a lot of work. But we didn’t have anything for our room when we moved out here because we left our old mattress and bed frame in Jersey, and got rid of our bedroom set when we moved out East. So, coming from nothing, it’s come a long way… we finally bought a bed frame for our new mattress so it’s not just on the ground anymore! It has made such a difference for me, getting in and out of bed in the night with my massive belly.


So, our place is coming along and is finally feeling a little bit like home. I’m not gonna lie though… there was something so simplistic about living in a one-bedroom that I actually grew to love it. This has been quite an adjustment for me, I even have been in tears over it which confuses TJ because it seems (and it really is) so much better. I really am so grateful for our place and that we found something so close to TJ’s work! But you just get used to the way things were. Change is always hard, especially when you’re a hormonal woman, nine months pregnant!

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