“Not everyone approves of Movie Monday. I won’t say who.”

From the first preview, I’ve seemed to be the only one excited for Cowboys & Aliens. I don’t get why people aren’t freaking out like me! First of all, it combines two great movie topics. Cowboys AND aliens! I’d be happy with one or the other, but BOTH? Oh, man. Second of all, the cast is incredible. Putting Harrison Ford in there was an automatic plus, and then throw in Daniel Craig? It’s going to be great.

Next, we’ve got Captain America. Actually, I think more people are excited about this one. It’s not just me. But once again, they’ve got one of my favorite actors: Tommy Lee Jones! (It’s like the cast of The Fugitive all got together and decided to make my summer!)

And of course we’ve got Harry Potter tomorrow. I didn’t think we were going to make it, remember? But a miracle happened, we’re seeing it tomorrow at 7:30 pm (BEFORE the midnight premiere, if you didn’t catch that) and now I’m trying to gather up anything in my house that looks slightly Harry Potter-ish to wear. Any idea on the wand? I’m planning on saying (while bawling), “Mischief managed,” after the credits, so I need a REALLY good looking wand.

So, many summer movies! I was satisfied with Super 8, but they just keep releasing more and more great ones this summer! Have you seen Midnight in Paris? I can’t wait for that one to get to the Dollar theater because I hear it’s great!


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  1. Sean
    Sean says:

    I’m with you on Cowboys & Aliens – I’ve been stoked since I saw the first trailer. Heidi, on the other hand, thinks it looks stupid. I keep on trying to persuade her to be somewhat excited since it has Harrison Ford (her crush).


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