No Bathroom in Sight

Writing about my time in Colorado made me think of an embarrassing story. On the hike that the pictures below were taken on, I really had to go to the bathroom. Just number one, don’t worry. But actually, I should have been worried because I had never gone to the bathroom without a toilet. We were miles away from the car and so I was going to have to drop my pants and go in some bushes.

Except there weren’t any bushes.

I started getting really anxious because I was with my brother’s friends who were these “cool college guys” and I was a little 18 year old. I didn’t know how to be like, “Oh, hey guys, I really need to pee. So, don’t look while I do my business over here.” I told Sam privately what the situation was and he told all of his friends. They didn’t care (because it wasn’t a big deal unless you are 18 year old me). They went ahead and I found a big rock. I thought, “Oh, that will be good. It could be like a seat. Just like a toilet.”

Except a big rock isn’t like a toilet.

I don’t know what I was thinking at the time. But I know what I was thinking right after, as it got all over the bottoms of my pants. I was horrified. I was on a hike with boys and my pants had urine all over them. Most embarrassing moment ever!

I decided to tell everyone what had happened instead of just trying to ignore the fact that my pants were all wet. I tried to laugh it off and move on, but I’ll never forget that hike in Colorado.

By the way, I have now camped many times without bathrooms and have mastered this skill.

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