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If you have Netflix, you know about the cycle. You try a new TV show, it doesn’t catch your attention, so after ten minutes into the first episode, you turn it off and search for another one. After about five attempts at new shows, you finally find one that you love and start to fall in love with the characters. You watch the entire series but then feel serious withdrawals from your latest TV besties when it’s all over. So, the cycle starts again.

After finishing Downton Abbey back in January, I’ve been looking for a new TV show to watch. I really wanted to find one that I could have on in the background while I’m packing at night when TJ is at school and Eva is asleep.

I finally found it! Felicity. It aired from 1998-2002. So, it’s a throwback to Y2K. It’s filled with overalls, butterfly clips, frumpy sweaters, chokers, and chunky heals. But besides the fashion, I really love the story line and the setting.

If you’re searching for a new series on Netflix to watch, try it out! It’s pretty dramatic and sometimes reminds me of Gilmore Girls, but that’s why I love it!


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