New York, New York

So any day now, through the next week or two, I will get an email to find out if I got the New York Internship I applied for. The Journalism emphasis already found out if they got it, so the anticipation is really starting to grow.

I’m trying to make a list of good things about not getting in. So far I have the following:

  • We will save about $8,000.
  • We don’t have any money, anyways.
  • I will be able to go to Ryan’s wedding.
  • I will be able to go to Dana’s wedding.
  • I can get a job right after graduation and not worry about school.
  • I won’t have to pay tuition for Spring term.
  • I won’t have to do the weekly emails and stuff that is required for the internship program.
  • I will not be away from T.J. (He would come, but not for the whole time).

Pretty good list, right? True, but mot as good as this list:

  • It will be the most exciting few months of my life.
  • I’d live on Columbia’s campus for a few months.
  • It will be the most amazing opportunity for my career!
  • It will help me figure out if I like the pace and can handle the pace of city life in a big agency.
  • New York City shopping.

Anyway, I know whatever will happen will be for the best. Keep me in your prayers!

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