New York City: Day 5

Friday was our final day in New York. T.J. had to go back to work which was so depressing knowing I couldn’t spend my final hours in the city with him. But enjoy the journey, right?

We met T.J. and Mark for lunch and then said our goodbyes. I thought it was hard saying bye the first time, but man… coming and visiting, seeing how it would be if we were there with him, and then having to leave after just a few short days… that was hard.

After lunch and saying goodbye to T.J., we walked down 9th avenue for a while and then headed to the airport. It’s quite a process to get to the airport and go through security with an infant. Thankfully my in-laws were there with me and helped me through! They’re amazing!

At the airport, Kelly and Mark got on a plane back to Utah and I went my separate way here to Kentucky, which is where I will be until the end of June. Saying goodbye to my in-laws was also hard. They were so kind, generous, and helpful! What a great experience it was to go on the trip with them! Thanks, Mark and Kelly! I had a great time!

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