New Year, New 21 Day Fix Group

I didn’t really run a group in December for 21 Day Fix because we didn’t have any newcomers and the holidays were busy, but we are back at it starting the 9th and I couldn’t be more excited for what the next round will bring! Personally, I’ll be doing 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts and sticking to a very strict meal plan, I’ve already started planning out my meals so I can see the greatest results! After all, abs are made in the kitchen. I realized I’ve been doing this for nearly 9 months and it’s exciting to see how far I’ve come, yet realize physical health is an ongoing and ever continuing process. Last year my goal was to lose 25 pounds, I lost about 33 (well 35, but Christmas goodies caught up to me!), and so this year I want to lose 10 pounds but really focus on toning my body. I don’t think I’ve ever considered myself “toned.” So, it’s a new goal for me completely! But I know 21 Day Fix can get me there! Message me for details, it really is more fun to do the accountability group with friends!

Here’s my very first video I made about my 21 Day Fix journey.

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