New Couch!

This summer, T.J. and I have had our eye on this furniture set at JCPenney-specifically the couch. In our dreams, we’d buy the whole set. The couch, the chair, rug, coffee table, side tables, lamps, the pillows even. We love every bit of that set! But we’d have to have an apartment double the size we have now.

The couch has gone on sale a couple times, except it never to a price we could afford or justify spending. But this past Wednesday, I was walking through JCPenney and noticed that the actual sample on the floor was on sale for an incredible price. 75% off of what it is originally if you bought it new! I called T.J. immediately and let him know. He said we should do it! The floor sample had nothing wrong with it and barely looked like anyone had sat in it! We also had a coupon for 25% off the sale price. So, we bought the beautiful couch that had been $1600 for about $300. I know it’s tacky give prices. But guys… we got the couch (which was in great condition) for a ridiculous steal and I’m so happy about it!

Pictures coming in the next post!

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