Never say never…

Before you scroll to the next post because you are worried I’m going to express my adoration for Justin Bieber again, keep reading a little longer for you’ll see it’s not about this legendary icon.

I was listening to Never Say Never by JB (This is the only time I’ll mention him, okay?) yesterday and it was right around the time where I had that “Silver Linings” realization. Our sound system is still broken, so you either have to turn the sound down very low or very high, to deafness levels, or else it will cut in and out. I chose to turn it up, just to get the full effect, ya know? Anyway, I listened to the lyrics and then, for one reason or another, started relating it to my life. I thought of all the times I once said, “I’ll never get this,” or, “I’ll never be able to do that,” and then was proven wrong later in the future.

Here are a few examples:

  • I’ll never pass AP Calc. (I ended up rocking it and the exam)
  • I’ll never be able to wake up every day in high school at 5 for Early Morning Seminary (I did, and I graduated from the Seminary program)
  • I’ll never get into BYU (I’m graduating from BYU in 19 days!)
  • I’ll never be able to get over this breakup (Clearly, I did)
  • I’ll never get used to living in Utah (Now, I can’t imagine leaving the rockies and the lack of humidity)
  • I’ll never get into the Advertising program (I did, and opening that acceptance letter was one of the best moments of my life)
  • I’ll never be able to pay these bills (Without exception, I have been able to pay my bills because of the miracle of tithing)
  • I’ll never get married (T.J. and I have been married for ten months!)
  • I’ll never get a job! (Proven wrong, again!)

Reflecting back on all of these “Nevers” makes me extremely grateful. None of those things were a coincidence, though. They all took a lot of hard work on my part and help from the Lord. And in the end, everything always worked out for the best, even if I couldn’t see it at the start.

So, take those wonderful words of wisdom from Justin (oops, I mentioned him again). It’ll brighten your day.

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