November was BUSY. I don’t even know where it went or what we did, but I know it went fast. I worked a lot for my dad and had a bunch of other projects going on so I didn’t blog much at all, so here’s my attempt to catch up! Here are some clips from the month that need documenting.


Eva learned how to “do the splits.”img_0329

These two started playing together a lot this month. Finn simply adores Eva and Eva loves all the attention. img_0324

Finn got a new haircut, and once again looks like a big boy!img_0323

We went to the museum with friends one afternoon. It’s crazy how Finn now can play in most of the areas. His favorite game: putting things into things, aka balls into holes, stuff in the garbage, food into his mouth.img_0322

Finn sat in the little ball place at the end of the ramp for a while… it was so cute.

Here’s Doc McEva. She used to want to be a vet when she gets old but now she wants to be a TAP DANCER! Dream big, girl!img_0320

My old young women’s president released a book and so we went to her book signing! img_0319

I let the kids get in the special cart at Harmon’s. Needless to say, Eva was thrilled. Finn also loved it, but was too distracted by the wheel to take a picture.

November was unseasonably warm! We went to the farm several times. Finn loves the goat just like me!img_0317-2

Here’s my almost-five-year-old on the big horse! Finn rode his first pony that day too, but mid-ride, decided he was done.img_0314

One day, Finn had a terrible diaper rash, which was his first (Eva had them all the time as a baby but Finn has never had them). He finally stopped crying when I let him walk around the house naked.img_0313

This was from the same day. He was in such pain from the diaper rash, he wouldn’t nap. But he eventually fell asleep on me, which was pretty much the best.img_0305

We went on lots of walks around the neighborhood, pushing this boy around in the bike.img_0304

He loves that thing! img_0302

Our ham, always trying to make us laugh!img_0300

We checked out the new play area at the mall. He was so proud of himself, getting to climb and sit up on that rock!img_0301

We went to the mall with our buddies and the girls loved sitting in the chairs and pretending this was their fort. Cute girlies!img_0299

I put Finn in TJ’s old outfit. Unfortunately, it’s a bit small now, but he still looked adorable.

My little monster!

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