My Ol’ Kentucky Home

I decided to visit my parents in Kentucky for a number of reasons:

  1. The flights from Kentucky to SLC were way too expensive in April, meaning my parents weren’t going to be able to come for T.J.’s graduation as we had planned.
  2. My dad was going out of the country for two weeks and I thought it would be fun to surprise him when he got back.
  3. My mom broke her wrist and needed some cheering up/help around the house.
  4. T.J. is really busy with school and wouldn’t notice we were gone.
  5. I’d be in town around my birthday… Happy Bday to me!

So, I asked my mom what she thought and a couple hours later, the ticket had been purchased.

It was such a great trip. My dad was very surprised when he got back from Australia and I was sitting on the couch when he got home. The two unenthusiastic questions he asked me were, “What are you doing here?” and, “How much did it cost?” haha! But really, he was excited and we all had a good two weeks together.

Some of the highlights were going the Krohn Conservatory, the art museum, Kenwood mall, PF Changs, watching Downton Abbey together, helping my mom out at school, going to the park with Eva, a visit to Cynthiana-the “big town” near where my mom grew up, and eating LOTS of goetta.

Thanks for the trip, mom and dad! Miss you guys so much already!

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