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Unfortunately, something has happened to me where I cannot wake up no matter what. I don’t hear phone calls, I don’t hear the regular alarm, I don’t hear any other noises. I just sleep and sleep and sleep. I press snooze every nine minutes for about 3 hours, while the sounds become part of my dreams. For example, this morning two alarms were set with Justin Bieber songs. I just thought I was listening to him on my iPod in my dream.

It’s actually becoming a bit of a problem. So, I need to buy a new alarm. Something profound and inventive. Something that can produce miracles.

Here are some of my favorites:

  1. A laser beam aimed at the exact center of the target is the only way to turn off the alarm sound in the morning. When the laser hits the target the alarm is turned off for 24 hours and goes off at the same time the next day. The alarm will always do this until manually de-activated or the alarm time changes. When you wake up to an alarm and you have to concentrate to carefully aim the laser beam at the target, you’ll be suitably awake so as not to easily fall back asleep.
  2. The Puzzle Alarm wakes you up by firing three puzzle pieces up in the air, then it is your mission to get the pieces and put them back in the alarm clock or it won’t turn off until then.
  3. The Sfera alarm clock hangs from the ceiling above your bed. When the alarm goes off, you can reach up and touch it to activate the snooze function causing it retract towards the ceiling. When snooze goes off again, you have to reach higher to activate the snooze again. Each time you activate the snooze function the alarm retracts a little higher to the point that you get your butt out of bed.


I think what I need is an alarm that turns on all the lights. So, if anyone has a recommendation of an alarm clock that can do this, please let me know.


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  1. Dana
    Dana says:

    I have a clocky. Its the one that rolls away if you push snooze. It also makes the worlds most annoying sound so you feel sick to your stomach every time you use it. I highly recommend it.


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