My Latest Trader Joe’s Favorites

I went to Trader Joe’s last week and my friend showed me some awesome items that I had never tried before. (And no, I didn’t buy the cookie butter… it is quite possibly the best stuff I’ve ever eaten in my life and so when I bought it last time and ate it in a ridiculous short time period, I told myself I was never allowed to buy it again.)

The store we go to is on 23rd street and two of the three times I’ve been to that location, the line has wrapped around the whole store. It’s always packed and quite hard to maneuver my large stroller through, which means I rarely get to go down all the aisles. But this time I got some pretty good stuff, even with the crowd. I had to share so you don’t overlook these treats next time you go!

Trader Joe's Macarons in Freezer Section… 12 for $5!Okay, first item. Macarons from the freezer aisle. They are 12 for $5 in the freezer aisle and so worth it. Usually out here, you pay about $3 per macaron, so this is a HUGE deal. They have two boxes (I bought both… oops). One with vanilla and chocolate (both delicious) and the second with a variety of flavors. Some of the flavors weren’t my favorite but the pistachio was wonderful. Oh, how I wish I still had some of those left in my freezer right now.

Second, Inner Peas-crunchy green pea snacks. Wow. I had my doubts and they are kind of stinky… but these are SO addicting. I need to buy them in huge quantities from now on. Get them!

Third, Mac & Cheese bites. T.J. didn’t like these too much, but Eva and I ate them up quickly! They are fattening but worth the indulgence every once in a while!

Lastly, Orange Chicken from the freezer aisle. Another fattening one. But definitely better than Panda’s Orange Chicken. And much cheaper. It was an easy freezer meal to prepare, we all loved it, and perfect for a busy night when you need a last minute meal!


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  1. Camille
    Camille says:

    This is great info! I’ll have to try all that stuff. There’s a TJ’s a few blocks away from my mom’s house and we had no idea what’s good there besides the few things I’ve tried. So thanks!


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