My Justin Bieber Rant

Dear Justin,

I’ve got to tell you something. This is hard for me to say but I have to say it and I have to say it now.

It’s getting harder and harder to be a Belieber. You know I’ve been a fan since the first day I heard you on the radio and I told my friends your name was “Jason Bieber.” I thought you had a cute little voice and you took me back to the days of boy-band voices and High School Musical cheesiness.

But here’s the thing. Your latest CD. I’m hoping the songs will eventually grow on me… but how can they? I can barely even make into a minute of most of them! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need any awesome lyrics. You had me at “Baby!” But the song Maria literally made me LOL and immediately skip to the next track. I can’t take it and I am just so disappointed we waited so long for that!

Oh, and there’s one more thing. Pull up your pants and take out the earrings. You’re not Usher and it is not 2001.

I love you, but this is my ultimatum. Shape up or ship out!


One less lonely girl


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  1. Heidi
    Heidi says:

    wow, Katie! I’m sorry… I know how much he meant to you! hopefully he will see the light and get his act together 🙂


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