My First Days of College (part 2)

Before we made it to Utah, my brother Sam (who was starting his Senior year at BYU) and I stopped in Colorado to visit some of his friends. It was exciting to feel like “a college kid.” Just out in the world and living it up in the beautiful mountains. That trip also created a wonderful memory with my brother that I’ll remember forever. We had such a fun time together driving across the country.

When we left Colorado and started driving through Utah, I became more and more nervous. But my brother dropped me off and helped me move in, I met up with my roommates and started my new life at BYU at Heritage Halls. The mountains looked like a backdrop and the weather without humidity was incredible. I loved the warm days and the cool evenings in September and I spent as much time as I could outside.

Those first couple of days, then weeks, and then months at BYU feel unreal now. I guess it feels like a blur because I was busy with school and adjusting. But I can still pick out specific memories that were fun. Iceblocking with my FHE group, driving up to Sandy and buying my red plaid coat, going to the State Fair, playing sand volleyball, slack lining, watching The Office, going to the Creamery, playing piano in our dorm’s basement, making music videos, eating dinner with my roommates, playing in the leaves, being amazed when it snowed in September, enjoying BYU football games, carving pumpkins. Freshman year is the one year where you can get away with no sleep and lots of cramming. You stay up late, get up early, and have the time of your life.

So, as I’m watching everyone come back to Provo and start up school again… As I watch the little freshman move into their dorms… As I see kids going back-to-school shopping at Target. I may be a little jealous. It went so fast. Too Fast.

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