My Dear Mother

Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday. This is not the “official-happy birthday” post, but I just can’t wait any longer… I want to write a post just about my amazing mom.

First of all, let’s talk about her talent. My mom has a beautiful singing voice and is very musical. She teaches elementary school kids music and is a wonderful teacher. Her room is colorful, deccorated, and the kids always have a blast when they get to go to “Miss Swainhart’s” room.

Sometimes Mom learns new things that she wants to teach her kids, but she tests them out on us first. When I was in high school, I would always give her such a hard time and tell her how weird it was that we would sing rhymes and do these weird acting games, but it was always so funny. One time she told us to say, “Someone stole my chocolate bunny, and I don’t think it’s very funny.” You’re supposed to do it in different accents and drama styles. Let me tell you, my mom would put so much energy in that weirdo rhyme, it kind of haunts me. Oh, and one of her favorite acting games that she sometimes will want to play with you is “Mirror Me.” I’m sure you can figure out what you do in that game. Good think Blair was always around in high school, or else she wouldn’t have had anyone to cooperate with her.

My mom also loves to exercise. She is a kickboxer through and through. Don’t mess with the Nanster, she knows what she’s doing. She has the gloves and everything! I’d post a video of her doing a Billy Blanks dvd, but I don’t think she would really appreciate that. If we watch a movie at home, she turns on a kickboxing dvd on the computer and does it at the same time. When we stop at rest stops, she tries to speed walk a few miles, always seeking ways to get more steps in. She is an inspiration, along with my motivation because I know she will ask always ask me, “so what exercise did you do today?”

Next, my mother is so spiritual. I can’t tell you how many times I would accidentally walk in on her saying her prayers in the morning. And when I would try to come back in 5 minutes, I’d accidentally interrupt her again! She always reads her scriptures everyday, shares her insights with others, and is bold about what she believes. Mom would teach us the scriptures and the gospel through Family Home Evenings, reading the scriptures during breakfast where we would memorize different Psalms and Proverbs.

She was even my seminary teacher for a couple of years. It was hard sometimes, I must admit. Going to seminary (which is like a sunday-school class) everyday for four years at 6 a.m. was intense, but worth it. I remember the day I found out my mom was going to be the Seminary teacher. It was the day after Christmas and my Grandfather had died early that morning. And then our Bishop came over and asked my mom. Wow, that was an interesting day. But it all worked out and was truly a blessing to my life, along with my mom’s life. Slowly through the next years my classmates fell away, and all that was left was my mom and I. It was a struggle. We prayed so hard that they would come back to church and want to come to seminary, but usually it was just us. We’d still get up in the morning, sometimes my dad would join us. We’d hold seminary in the basement and start everyday off with a strong Spirit and peace in our home. It strengthened my relationship with my mom more than anything else in my life.

My mom is a hard worker. Peacemaker. Journal-writer. Parks & Rec-watcher. Pianist. Cook. Homemaker. Laugher. Grandmother. Positive-thinker. Cryer. Compassionate-healer. Shoulder to cry on. Provider. Best Friend.

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  1. Mary Beth
    Mary Beth says:

    What a beautiful tribute to Mom. I can verify that every glowing description of our mom is completely true. She is truly an inspiration and a blessing to the world. I love you, Mom.


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