Must Get Candy!

“So the first time you hear the concept of Halloween when you’re a kid, your brain can’t even understand it. ‘What is this? What did you say? Someone’s giving out candy? Who’s giving out candy? EVERYONE WE KNOW is giving out candy? I gotta be a part of this!'” -Jerry Seinfeld

I love Halloween, and most of all I love candy. I love Halloween because you can eat candy and justify because you’re celebrating the holiday! At work, we have a candy jar and usually I try to shy away from it, but this week it is filled with candy corn. And not just ANY candy corn, Brach’s specialty candy corn, with flavors including Caramel Apple, Caramel Corn, and Chocolate. Holy cow. I love candy corn (even though it’s waxy and doesn’t taste that great, it’s my fall favorite and very addictive) but this takes it to a whole new step. Next time you are at the store or on campus, pick up a bag of Caramel Apple-Candy Corn. Best decision you’ll ever make!

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