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Motto for the Year: Treat Yo’ Self

  • Shout out to Miss Hannah Judd who turned 23 today! Hope you have a great birthday!
  • Turns out doing your nails when you have a baby is a very drawn out process. I no longer have time to sit down and do them from start to finish. But I finally was able to get started last night and today I plan out painting them! Take that!
  • I’m listening to Mistletoe by Justin Bieber. I don’t care that Christmas is over. I love the song.
  • I had to take Eva to the doctor yesterday because she has a bad diaper rash. The doctor told me to use bag balm, which is what they rub on cow’s utters. So, that’s cool/really weird. If it doesn’t work, he gave me a prescription too. But apparently this cow utter ointment works like a charm.
  • Turns out our stupid insurance made a mistake and didn’t pay for any of our bills, and so all the huge hospital bills we had received will now be drastically reduced. Which means… we now have enough money to send me and Eva out to New York this summer with T.J.! I am thrilled and think about it every day! What up, 212?
  • Have you ever played the game Perpetual Commotion? Me and my in-laws are addicted. It is so fun! It’s kind of like Snarr, if you’ve ever played that.
  • Eva is back on her normal routine and just gets up once through the night. It is amazing how much my life improves when I get sleep.
  • Did you watch The Bachelor last night? I loved it. Two hours is simply not long enough. I’m so sad when it’s over and we all have to go home after our watching party. I want the trainer to get kicked off next. Or Kaycee S. Also, I want to be Kaycee B. so bad. She is adorable!
  • I am loving this snow! I want more more more!
  • The first week of April, I am going home to visit my family! I cannot wait. Plus, my sister and her two kids will be visiting at the same time so Eva will get to meet her cousins!
  • Our taxes are in. Turns out, I love doing them and it made me think I should have gone into accounting. I loved math in high school and did great in family finance. I should have taken an accounting class in college. That probably would have been a better career move than advertising. But let’s admit it, advertising is 10,000 times more fun.
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