Monday Schmonday

  1. We just got home from a long trip visiting my parents in Kentucky. The weather was absolutely wonderful and we had a perfect time. Posts coming soon about the trip.
  2. The weather for the week looks like a major thumbs-down (snow on Wednesday… really???).
  3. I’m starting the 21 Day Fix next week. It was a little investment but I figure it’ll give me some more motivation and give me the support group I need to take care of myself. If you have any tips about the program, please let me know! I’ve already started the meal planning and trying to come up with my workout game plan so I’m good to go and maybe can get a heads start.
  4. We’re going to the Tulip Festival a couple times these next weeks, with friends and family.
  5. Eva’s got her dance recital soon, can’t wait to see that little fairy dance on a big stage!
  6. I’ve been competing with an old friend on my fitbit each week and have lost by a hair two weeks in a row. GAME IS ON, DEAR FRIEND. GAME IS ON.
  7. Walking Dead ended a couple weeks ago and I’m still not over that gruesome finale. Negan is a main character in The Good Wife right now, as a good guy, and it’s sooooo bizarre.
  8. I want to see Children of Eden at AFHS this week. I love that musical! Anyone wanna join?
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