Mischief Managed, cont.

That last post reminded me of something that happened yesterday.

I’m kind of embarrassed to get this out in the blogosphere. But, I didn’t read all the Harry Potter books. I read the first four, but then was satisfied by the movies and just never got around to reading the books. Yeah, I don’t wanna hear it. You probably think I’m a poser now. But let’s just talk about how many movies have been released based off of books and how many of those books you didn’t read! That’s what I thought!

So, now that I’ve got that out. Because I haven’t read the last three books, the movies have been complete surprises (and the best time of my life not knowing). “But how?” you ask. “Everyone talks about the books, especially around the releases of the movies.”

TELL ME ABOUT IT! You literally have no idea how hard it has been making sure no one ruins anything. I have to turn the channel multiple times in one sitting so I don’t watch a single preview or clip. Then on Facebook, someone’s status gave something away. And to make matters worse, my boss also let out a big spoiler. It’s been so ridiculously hard.

So, back to yesterday. I was buying a water in the Twilight zone on campus yesterday. The girl in front of me had the last Harry Potter book with her and the cashiers said, “Will you help us remember the order they found the horcruxes?”

The girl was about to start listing them and I was thinking of all my options. I could run. No, that would look like I’m stealing. I could just get out of line. No, I really needed that water. Only one option left…


Yes, I shouted out like a madwoman, tried to make some jokes so they didn’t think I was such a weirdo, but they just kinda looked at me. I don’t care what they think. What was important  was that they didn’t ruin anything for me.

In closing, I can see several people out there who have read the books and want to spoil something for me to be funny.

If you do this, I will no longer be your friend.

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