Miley + Fireworks

Holy cow, I cannot believe it’s been a year since last 4th of July OR that the summer is already half over. At least I’m not taking classes in the fall, so it’s not as sad it usually would be.

We have a fun weekend ahead of us, starting with a free outdoor concert tonight, waking up bright and early tomorrow to see the many hot air balloons floating in the park, watching fireworks from the mountain tops, going to Seven Peaks once or twice, a family picnic with croquet, and lots of festive red/white/blue outfits. Hopefully my medicine will kick in immediately so I’m feeling good enough to do all this, so cross your fingers.

Happy 4th of July to all of you and I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Carrie O'Dell
    Carrie O'Dell says:

    katie, i miss you so much, and i loved watching this video. if we were together, we would be having a party in the USA this weekend. also, I want you to hurry up and have your baby. I have a feeling dana and I will give your baby as much star status as we give your niece.


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