My flight back to Utah was originally supposed to depart on June 29th but we have moved it back to July 14th for a couple of reasons. Most of all, while I have been here, I have helped my Dad with his video shoots. Usually he has to hire someone to help him or he does the job as a one-man show. But it’s a lot of work so I’m glad I can help.

After my Dad asked if I could stay to continue helping him, the reasons of postponing my departure kept coming. As much as I miss my friends and family back in Utah, I rarely get to visit my parents (especially for this long of a period), I won’t be back until Christmas, my parents can continue getting to know Eva, the extra help from my parents with Eva is amazing, we’re saving money here, and it feels like a vacation which makes the time away from T.J. go a lot faster.

So, it looks like I’ll be in my ol’ Kentucky home a little bit longer!

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