Merrily at 23

Well, here I am. Tomorrow marks week 23, which means in the next month my baby will be doubling in weight and my belly will really start poking out.

I don’t always feel like I look pregnant. I have some outfits that hide the bump pretty well and make people think, oh maybe she just put on a couple of pounds. (Which reminds me, I’m too scared to get on the scale now…). But today when I was getting dressed, I looked at my belly in the mirror and my jaw dropped. It had that “pregnant” look. Not just the size, but the shape and the color. It just shouted “PREGNANT BELLY!” Kinda exciting, and the best part was it had the look without the stretch-marks! You better believe I lotionize (with vaseline) that baby bump day and night!

We’ll just make this a full blown prego post. Last night we had waffles. We had a buy one, get one free iHop coupon so we jumped on that. Anyway (mom, stop reading this paragraph, I am ashamed)… usually I can barely eat half of a waffle. Oh, don’t worry. I ate the entire waffle, all of my hash-browns, and both pieces of my bacon (which, in my defense, were really small). The best/worst part was that after I finished, I didn’t even feel full. I could have eaten more. The pregnant body is ridiculous. Dwight was right when he said, “It’s amazing. A three-ounce fetus is calling the shots. That’s so bad a**.” And my baby is over a pound now…

I think the only other pregnancy story I have is another one about my emotions. I was listening to songs from Glee while in the shower, my iPod was on shuffle, and so a Christmas song came up. Since I was in the shower, I couldn’t just go and turn it off. So, I enjoyed it while I shampooed my hair. Then the song started making me think about the Christmas season and reminding me of all the festivities. That’s when it hit me. Next time I listen to my Glee Christmas Album, we’ll have our baby! I starting crying in the shower like a crazy woman. (Don’t you kind of feel pathetic when you cry in the shower? Maybe that’s just me.) But it got me so excited! Christmas is going to be amazing. It will be weird that I won’t be in Kentucky, but I am so excited to start our own family traditions as a family of three!

Well, that’s it folks. Oh, one more thing. I do want to say THANKYOUTHANKYOU to my sister Mary Beth. Last week she sent me a HUGE package of maternity clothes to borrow and baby clothes/gear to keep. It was the best surprise and the maternity clothes were a blessing. I have such a wonderful family!



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