Mermaid Parade

On Saturday, we decided to head out to Coney Island (about an hour subway ride away) for the Mermaid Parade. We got on the subway in Manhattan and it was full of people dressed up as mermaids-so we knew we were heading in the right direction. There were some people that had amazing costumes-very creative and elaborate as you’ll see from the video I have below. But some other people’s costumes were so revealing (as in 99% topless) with just body paint (I did not include a video of that). We had to close our eyes a lot. We headed down to the beach and spent the afternoon playing in the sand. The water was ridiculously freezing, I couldn’t even dip my toes in but Eva had fun running back and forth at the edge of the water. On our way home, she fell asleep in the stroller which is a success in our book. So overall, it was a really fun Saturday!

Photo Jun 22, 2 13 13 PM

Photo Jun 22, 2 13 25 PM

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